My Digital Artefact – JJ.AND.CO, incorporates photography, videography, blogging and writing. I intend to upload consistently and weekly across multiple platforms including Instagram, Youtube and WordPress. 

I have been running a photography page for the past year and a half and intend to continue. Recently I have had to had a break due to HSC so this DA idea allows me to restart my passion for photography and even begin videography. 

For my DA to stand out, I plan to give my own perspective on topics involving sport, trends and of course photography. Also to differ from other photographers, I plan to use different types of photography, not just sticking to one type. This includes – explorations, landspcape, portrait etc. 


5 thoughts on “My Digital Artefact – JJ.AND.CO

  1. As a fellow photographer I love the sound of this one mate, incorporating multiple disciplines of photography and loads of varying topics you’re striking a wide variety of audiences, and increasing your chances of building a fanbase, which would set you off in the right direction nicely. A great idea that will surely develop into a smashing DA, cheers.

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  2. Awesome to hear you’re willing to try out different types of photography as it’ll add variation. It’s also wonderful to hear you’re going to get involved in videography and photography on subjects/topics you’re interested in, which is what the artefact is also about. I can actually see an aesthetic/theme in your posts already because I’ve noticed you’re taking photos where the sun is either starting to set or rise. Overall, great work! Don’t forget to add captions in the Instagram caption box which can enhance the quality of your DA.

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