I’ve always had a passion in media in the form of photography, film and music. I have
created content in the form of photography through completing my Digital
Artefact in BCM112 in my first semester. During this Digital Artefact I
experimented with videography, mixing different clips together in an aim to
create a video altogether.

In terms of global media, as I have travelled to countries like England, America and India, I feel like I am cultured when it comes to the different types of media
production and creation. In India, in particularly, the way in which movies were produced contrasted severely with our western culture in the form of ‘Bollywood’.

In terms of film, I am an avid watcher of movies, whether it’s modern or classical. I am
intrigued in the global scale in which certain movies are able to reach. My favourite
movies of all time include the Batman movies and Marvel movies. I am intrigued
by the supernatural themes and storylines of these movies as they convey a
dream-like vibe.

In recent times I have also payed close attention to the music world. I have been
intrigued by different genres in an aim to broaden my horizon. Music genres which
I listen to include Hip Hop/Rap, Dance and Pop.

Favourite current TV show is Stranger Things. This also relates to my love for classical films and the 1900’s era, as in this TV series it is set in the 1980’s, portraying what life was like in a small town without modern day technology. This is incorporated with the classical thriller movies such as poltergeist and E.T. which are conveyed through the aliens and monsters in the first two seasons.

And that’s about it…

James Muggeridge


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