My research topic regarded the reasonings to why students change or defer from their original degrees. Originally before choosing this topic I believed that it would be a relevant topic of discussion. Personally, I have had experience with friends and family changing and deferring from their degrees because of both internal and external factors. This research hadn’t been researched as much as I thought it would be therefore, I was limited to the number of sources I could research and use in my opinion piece.  

I indicated in my last assignment that I wanted to use both a survey to collect a large amount of data relating to the whole BCM cohort and interviews to collect personal and more in-depth data. I was able to collect a large sum of data through getting 31 responses from the BCM cohort, however, was unfortunate to only undertake 1 interview. This was a problem as I would’ve liked to conduct at least 3 interviews so I would be able to compare each and identify trends.  

I was intrigued by the topic when beginning research, however lost the motivation to complete the research at my best ability. I could’ve tried to conduct more interviews and could’ve used another survey with more answers and different questions.  

When looking back at other options, I wish I chose a topic more relevant to my interests such as a research topic relating to sport and mental health. This topic would’ve given me more sources and information on the topic which would’ve benefited my research when comparing to research already conducted.  

Overall, I’m happy with my results, however, would have benefited from more interview talents and a topic which would’ve benefited my own insights and knowledge. I have tried to write a well-written piece of writing appealing to an academic sense and hopefully will benefit my audience when reading it. 


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