My DA is JJ.AND.CO, I mainly focus on Photography and Videography. My content is relevant to society as Photography is a significantly popular form of media with social media apps, which allow the audience for easy access.

The process of creating content is heavily based on the audience feedback loop. I created polls in an aim to allow my audience to give me feedback on what content they want to see and where they want to see it. My 4 created polls showed that Landscape, Colourised and Sunset/Sunrise photography is popular and wanted to be seen more by my audience. I also created another poll asking whether the audience wants to see more videos. The answer was a clear yes. My audience may also comment on my posts to give me feedback on whether they like it or not. 

I have gained around 50 followers since my pitch by posting 20 photos and 1 video. I post 3 photos at a time to keep the aesthetic of my DA. I apply many hashtags on my posts but recently the last 3 photos posted have received the most impressions through 30 hashtags used. Hashtags are related to the photo posted and are highly popular in the industry which allow for more impressions. 

Issues I have had with my DA include posting through my secondary platform – YouTube. Another issue includes the videography aspect of my DA. I have struggled to produce content that I personally like or therefore that my audience would like. I have changed my DA by deciding not to pursue sports blogging and mainly focus on my photography for now. 

This is my video posted from my exploration in the city


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