For this weeks’ blog post we must look at the Global Nervous System, the Internet, and the significant change which has undertaken over two decades.

Through one of this weeks readings “Brief History of the Internet” I gained key insights into the development of the internet. It shows the “incomplete” timeline of the internet and the different aspects incorporated within the development.

My GIF explores “The History of the Future”, as said in my chosen reading, the internet must continue to change and with the computer industry. I believe the Internet must keep innovating and updating as the human race truly relies on it.

What’s key to this change is the “social structure” which maintains control over the domain. A core group of designers have diminished and wealthy stakeholders have risen which could be a detriment to the evolving state of the internet.

James M



  1. Hi James, first of all, great blog post. I do completely agree that the internet will never be fully complete but will be forever evolving. I believe that the opportunities are endless for communication and that will only grow stronger in the years to come. We rely so heavily on the internet and it something that our generation needs to survive nowadays. I spoke about the communication across cultures through the internet and how we have so much knowledge now and I think that as well will forever grow and we will only discover more and more as the internet develops over the years.


  2. Your examination of Network Society through the lense of social structure and hierarchical control was very informative! I particularly enjoyed your exploration of the internet’s development throughout history, and the way that you compared this with its’ potential for the future. I also touched on this on my own blog if you’re interested in checking that out! Its’ available at:

    I also really loved your remediation. I felt that your emphasise here on change and its’ relationship to relevance was very thought provoking. This article: also explores similar dynamics of networked society and I found it very informative!

    Over-all, a great blog post with engaging concepts and great analysis. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Hi James! i loved your blog and I agree with all of your points! and I 100% agree when you say that the internet will never fully be complete and it will keep evolving! and I also agree when you state that the internet does need to keep evolving and changing as our human race does rely on it! Well done!

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  4. Hello James! Your blog post was really straightforward and awesome to read, I found I agree with many points you have made. The history of the future is such an interesting concept, and I do agree that we as a society rely on the internet, and therefore it must evolve as we evolve, therefore never really being complete. I think it would have been great if you perhaps elaborated on the second part of your blog post, discussing more about social structure. But overall great blog!


  5. Hello James, an interesting blog to start the semester. Its crazy how just over a few decades the internet has evolved into what it is now. Your remediation is quite good, I like the moving pictures, it is quite eye popping for the reader. As the internet is constantly evolving, the social structure has to as well.


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