Julian Assange’s ‘Wiki leaks’ begun in 2007 where a 38 minute video, displaying the deaths of 18 people by the hands of American soldiers, was distributed around the world. This video was confidential and was hidden by the American government. Julian Assange aimed for a transparent society uncovering the secrets locked by large entities such as the American government.

Anonymous, much like Assange and WikiLeaks, works to uncover the truth. They have so far hacked NASA and the American government in a bid to expose secret content which have been kept enclosed by these large scale entities.

NASA’s data and information is highly classified. This barrier is thought to be impenetrable, however, obviously not to Anonymous. They uncovered secret photos of overly large skeletons whilst also leaking a video showing Aliens to be real. This video was viewed 900,000 times and whilst it was highly speculative, created a sense of fear over mainstream media.

But do you think there is more to this that large entities, such as NASA, are hiding? And should it be exposed by these hacking organisations in a bid for transparency?

James M


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