Cyber warfare has become a threat to today’s society as it has made the security barriers which protect information and data weak and easily impenetrable. There are countless amount of leaks and breaches of personal security which has emphasised how unprotected data is in this day in age.

As the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump has been exposed to such leaks of recent. Trump has been exposed by the distribution of secret information enclosed by the government and even at times the manipulation of information just to frame him infront of an already skeptical American audience.

A leak which thwarted American officials is the recent illegal leak of a ‘whistleblower’ complaint about Trump’s classified conversation with Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky. This lead to Trump’s impeachment.

The message raised from this encounter highlighted the ease for media outlets such as The New York Times to retrieve confidential sources for worldwide distribution. Hackers are able to achieve exploitation of large entities, such as Trump, with ease thus highlighting that no one is safe in this society where ‘protected’ data is never really protected.


3 thoughts on “CYBER WARFARE: TRUMP

  1. Hey James, I really like your remediation! Looks cool. Your blog this week tied into mine from last week and this week! Last week I looked at the work of Anonymous and whether its morally right, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it especially in regard to Trump. This week I explored the future of cyberspace and primarily referenced this article that takes a look at it from a military and political standpoint. ( ). Do you think his impeachment was fair considering the information was leaked? I feel as though leaks and hacks are how we’re finding out a lot about the higher figures within society. You’ve produced a thought-provoking blog, only one more till end of sem. Lessgooo.

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  2. Hey James! You blog post this week is amazing! I loved your remediation, it is so unique! Your first paragraph is full of amazing points! I agree with the fact that you have decided to talk about Trump within your blog post, it made your blog topic so much more interesting! Well done 🙂


  3. Hey James! Great post. I love that you’re focusing and going in depth on a specific example. You’re absolutely right. We live in a world where ‘protected’ data is never really protected. That’s why in my blog post i discuss ways in which you can combat cyber security threats, including the use of privacy tools to increase cyber safety. Stats of cyber security these days are crazy, that’s why it’s important to be aware of things we can do to prevent it. Great post and remediation!


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