My Digital Artefact was JJ.AND.CO. A photography and videography, instagram and youtube account, based on exploration and travel.

I appealed to a travel based audience through the content types (landscape, sunrise and sunset photography) as well as hashtags used.

I applied the feedback loop through using the story feature to grasp feedback from my audience on whether they liked the content I was distributing.

My content was consistent in regards to views, likes and distribution time. I would post 3 photos weekly keeping an aesthetic while reaching an average like count of 40 to 80 likes a post, depending on the content type. 

I started my DA in the first semester of BCM112 where there was a lot of room for ideation since it was a fresh project. I made the account to express my passion and skill for photography, aiming towards a travel based audience. Instagram was and still is a relevant form of social media which is why I mainly used it as a platform for the distribution of content. 

Continuing the DA into this semester is a small regret looking back as I wasn’t able to ideate as much as other new DA’s. Another issue is that I started running out of photography and videography ideas which lead to losing passion for the DA overall. When taking photos I wouldn’t be satisfied with the end product. 

However a positive of my DA was the main ideation within my DA, incorporating a videography aspect. Making videos was personally rewarding as I enjoyed making them and the overall end product. It was also rewarding as it was the most liked type of content, as well it reached the most impressions and views. This video editing aspect would be something that I could incorporate into next semester’s DA.

Overall my DA did not incorporate rapid prototyping and rapid iteration, yet I did somewhat incorporate early ideation through a videography aspect.

This leads me to my new ideation stage for my new DA. I have thought of two ideas, sports reviewing and or a podcast. When critically reflecting on my past DA, there are quite a few mistakes or issues that can be recognised to make sure I do not do the same in the next DA. An example of this is picking a DA which is easier in regards to making content. Unique photos and videos became hard to find towards the end of this semester especially. With sports reviews I am able to create content at home as well as research games easily. Same goes to podcasts as I can create videos at home as well as research ‘trendy’ topics on social media. 

A positive to starting a new DA is that there is a lot of potential for ideation and prototyping. Furthermore I can start building a portfolio to a future in both journalism and or media & communications. 

James Muggeridge :))


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