Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry

Since the first appearance of copyright in 1790 with the ‘statute of Queen Anne (1710)’, content creators are able to copyright their own content to disallow other use from members of social media platforms. This law encourages people to create content in their own unique way. Nowadays, aspiring content creators now have to be knowledgeable in the laws of copyright as copying a major piece of content can lead to legal implications.

So, what can you do?

-Content in the Public Domain can be copied and remixed

-Fair use acts as a defence for copyright

Copyright allows content creators to copy the ideas and concepts yet not the material expression. This notion is explored in the Nike v Rentmeester case. In this case Rentmeester sued Nike for resembling the ‘Air Jordan Jumpman Logo’

A detailed summary of this case is given in the audio below.

For further information on copyright watch the video below


3 thoughts on “Algorithmic control I

  1. I liked how you outlined the various laws and permissions surrounding copyright as many individuals that are new to the internet sphere and want to create content would need to be aware of what they’re putting out online, whether it be a youtube video with licensed music or a meme with a copyrighted image.


  2. Hey, nice work picking a specific case to explain how copyright works, and the different aspects of what can be copyrighted. I would have loved to hear more of your own opinion of copyright in relation to that case and in general, and what impacts they could have on remix culture.

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  3. Awsome remediation, I enjoyed listening to your thoughts and ideas on intellectual property and content control. These copyright laws can especially be fustrating when it comes to our digital artefacts and creating content, I also think they are extremely important in protecting smaller creators and there work. We know jsut how much time and effort goes into content creation. Here are some useful tips I found online.


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