Introduction to myself

My name is James Muggeridge and I am a third year student studying Communications and Media with a major in Journalism and a minor in Social Media studies. My future work aspirations are pretty broad currently with aspiration to work in sports journalism, podcasting, photography and videography.

Where does the skill of leadership stem from in my life?

Growing up, I have always been intrigued and drawn towards the idea of leading a group. I have played sports throughout my life which have demanded the need for an individual to lead and manage a group of people. In both cricket and soccer I have acted as a captain/leader and in doing this has promoted the want for a career in which I can carry the same principles.

Straying away from sports and recreation, I have also enjoyed the idea of leading a friend group in planning holidays or picking what we do on a Friday night.

How is leadership incorporated into my current paid work?

I work as a casual at Kmart where I have pursued leaderships roles such as managing and supervising the decant team. This is personally beneficial as it means I can take the reigns and carry out procedures at a higher-skilled level. My job first of all entails the need to make sure the decant team is working to the companies standards, as well as offloading stock and unloading stock from external companies such as Australia Post and Allies.

When starting my casual career at Kmart I was shifted around to different apartments, learning from my managers in each sector. This is what I believe is important about leadership. I feel like I have chosen to learn from managers and pick apart what they do well and what they don’t. This is how I have shaped and formed an ideal ‘leader’ which I have become today.


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