The art of divination is a sacred act of predicting an unseen or un-forecasted events. An act which to this day can be applied to foreshadow the possibility of negative occurrences, allowing the ability to act and stop such events. My DA involves divination in some aspect as I must predict, backed up with research, a future which either involves or does not involve the use of technology in sport, to prevent a future which spirals out of control.

With this in mind, I have gained motivation to analyse a selection of sports before and after their technological boom to predict a possible future which includes technology or no technology. This in turn will hope to take out the negatives and issues revolving around the current circumstances, and raise hope for a future of sport which focuses on both the correction of the game and the entertainment factor.

When revising my peers, I have learnt new components of a successful project that I may of missed during my pitch. Divination is one which I will incorporate into my project.

DA 1: Is productivity-improving technology making us less productive? – Emma

The first digital artefact that I will be looking at is Emma’s project on whether productivity-improving apps are improving our productivity or making us less productive.

Emma clearly displays her concept clearly both in the blog and in the pitch. Beginning her pitch with a rhetorical question attracts listeners to feel involved and appeals to the emotions. In terms of utility, her digital artefact is relevant and must be talked about in a modern day society fuelled by the increase of technology aiming improve productivity.

I advised a website portraying the negatives of productivity-improving apps, in particular Tik Tok. I feel like this something which could be utilised to Emma’s advantage for background research.

As well as this, I linked a page on an overview of auto-ethnographic research. Even though we did study this in the previous semester, I thought a refresh on the topic would only benefit her understanding.

Finally, I sourced a Ted talk on the book which Emma is intending on reading as a basis to her digital artefact. This will work to showcase a raw and unedited view from the author Barry Schwartz.

DA 2: The Future of Beyond Branding – Amy

The next pitch I briefed was Amy’s blog on the future of her design company, ‘Beyond Branding’, and where studying BCM325 will take her in the future of her company.

I commended Amy on her ability to set clear and concise goals, something which is significantly key and also something I must work on. As she is using the semester to expand her already successful business, I sourced an article on some tips for conducting an interview.

I also suggested a reading from Wendell Bell called ‘Making people responsible’. The reason for this was to emphasise the importance of looking into the future and as Amy is focusing on the future of her business, I believed this would be an ideal article to read.

DA 3: AR & VR Technology Changing the way we Shop Online – Alicia

Alicia focuses on the future of online shopping, what has been done already and what can be done to better the experience for customers through the use of AR and VR technology.

Alicia’s blog has a great layout, including bold sub-headings which makes the blog easily understandable and personalised designs which creates a sense of individuality. I’ll also add that I was impressed with the ability to include the FIST principle into the digital artefact allowing for the capability for variation.

I recommended an article on the best video essays of 2020 for help on making her video as good as possible. This article mentioned reasons for why the videos were the best which may guide Alicia towards a successful digital artefact final project.

My second recommendation was a YouTube video made by a fashion blog called ‘Electric Runway’. It talks about the impact which AR and VR technology will have on the future for the fashion industry. I thought that this may help as it is created by a fashion author with experience in the field.



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