Algorithmic Control III

Does Australia and Australian Citizens really value their privacy?

Privacy is something that a person should be allowed every day of their life. Yet, does a person really value privacy? In my opinion, with the influx of social media, the notion of privacy is thrown out the window as most people who use apps such as Facebook or Instagram are putting their lives out for their ‘friends’ to see. Why is ‘friends’ in quotation marks? Well, that’s because most people’s friends list span up to 1000 people. And does anybody have 1000 friends? Well no and by saying all of this I AM A HYPOCRITE.

When comparing Australian Privacy Laws to US laws and UK laws, our legislation in regards to privacy and therefore security is weak. Thanks to a report by The Conversation, the ‘weak’ laws regarding privacy are analysed. 

As a user who has been breached of the privacy act you are unable to sue. This means that users are unable to benefit from an intrusion of privacy.  

More evidence to show that privacy laws are weak in Australia are that there are poor policing of consent agreements. This means that when you register for Facebook and have to accept the ‘terms of agreement’, there a lot more little details that are involved. 

In 2018, a statutory was put to debate in the government yet lost, conveying what privacy really means to the government.


Algorithmic Control II

Open Sourced vs Closed Sourced Software’s

On the internet, software can either be open or closed. This meaning that the code is publicly available or unavailable to users. This can play a part in what software type is used by the audience. By delving into both sources, you are able to achieve a comparative study between the two software’s. 

Open Source is publicly available to users as it uses a code which is allowed for modification as it is free. An issue for open source software’s is the risk that if it becomes closed, generativity dies. Open Sourced products have more risks which attach itself with the product than the audience thinks. Security is a big issue for not only the audience but the big multi-national companies. This is seen in the Facebook drama which evolves around its security.

Closed Source software is not available to public as the code is not accessible. The software usually keeps to a stable and focus product, while also costing money. A positive includes service and support. This is a closed sourced software’s greatest advantage. Manuals and customer service is available with the software, making the high cost of the product worthwhile. 

A common example of a battle of software sources is the battle between Apple and Android. Both software’s aim to one-up each other through customising their products and adding innovative features.

Internet Paradigm II

Context behind memes and how they are used in Warfare

Memes are created as a way to personalise a topic and thus distribute the customised content across media, yet memes haven’t always been like this. Memes started off as a method of persuasion in the form of propaganda. In World War Two, Hitler used propaganda to persuade citizens to conform to his ideal and regime. This propaganda involves the use of words, or a caption, within an image forming posters and other propaganda types. This idea defines what a meme is today.

In this generation memes are customised and are subjective by creators to convey their opinion on a big issue or event. Memes in this generation started in the 2016 election between Clinton and Trump.

The role of remixing and the mashing up of content allows for subjective ideas in regard to the event or issue. Especially in the Trump v Clinton election, memes were used for viewer’s opinion on both of the candidates.

DA – Project Beta

My DA is JJ.AND.CO, I mainly focus on Photography and Videography. My content is relevant to society as Photography is a significantly popular form of media with social media apps, which allow the audience for easy access.

The process of creating content is heavily based on the audience feedback loop. I created polls in an aim to allow my audience to give me feedback on what content they want to see and where they want to see it. My 4 created polls showed that Landscape, Colourised and Sunset/Sunrise photography is popular and wanted to be seen more by my audience. I also created another poll asking whether the audience wants to see more videos. The answer was a clear yes. My audience may also comment on my posts to give me feedback on whether they like it or not. 

I have gained around 50 followers since my pitch by posting 20 photos and 1 video. I post 3 photos at a time to keep the aesthetic of my DA. I apply many hashtags on my posts but recently the last 3 photos posted have received the most impressions through 30 hashtags used. Hashtags are related to the photo posted and are highly popular in the industry which allow for more impressions. 

Issues I have had with my DA include posting through my secondary platform – YouTube. Another issue includes the videography aspect of my DA. I have struggled to produce content that I personally like or therefore that my audience would like. I have changed my DA by deciding not to pursue sports blogging and mainly focus on my photography for now. 

This is my video posted from my exploration in the city

Internet Paradigm III

Framing and the Construction of Perception

Framing is used by producers in this generation to provide a different perception to a certain topic or trend. 

Within Framing there its salience and perception. Salience is where something is centralised to persuade viewers into believing their perception. Yet with salience there also needs pieces to complete the puzzle, features which make up the content that you are producing.

You can look at framing as a way of marketing a product.

How will you market your content?

Who is the audience that you are marketing towards?

And what are the features you will include to create your own niche market?

These days a niche can be created by mixing two different forms of content together. An example of this is emo rap. Emo rap is a mix of rap and rock or heavy metal. Artists like Ski Mask and XXX Tentacion use this genre to frame their own personalised content to their audience.

In my remediation I used a clip from the movie Cars and merged it with the song Tokyo Drift (played in the movie – Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift). This creates a new and personalised form of content which can be framed to a certain audience. Framing features that I applied includes the music and the video clip.

Internet Paradigm I

Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence

Producing content has significantly changed over the last decade. Producers of content has altered from being closed to open. These days you don’t have to be qualified to produce content nor have a reasonably large knowledge of the topic you are producing content about. The Audience can distribute content through ideating and customising, placing their own personalised view on the topic. Content based on a topic can be collectively distributed meaning that it will concur many different ideations. This coincides with network participation as when content is collectively distributed, a large network is involved and can all participate in creating their own personalised content. 

My meme shows the weak or non existent nature of this generations gatekeeper. Dialogic Media allows for collective intelligence and network participation. Content is produced from many to many and is broadcasted directly, emphasising the weak gatekeeper. It is vastly open and allows for a metaphorical flood which destroys a highly populated city, or gatekeeper. 

Here is a link which takes you to a site which provides an in-depth summary on gatekeeping in the media

Gatekeeping Theory


This date really resonates with me.

The 26/12/17 wasn’t just a normal Boxing Day for me. This date was the beginning of my true passion for photography. Sure I had been taking photos before this date, but this date felt important, significant, meaningful.

My mates and I were in the city for the Boxing Day sales. We had been shopping all the morning until we reached midday. We decided to eat our lunch (maccas) on the trucks which acted as a barricade, blocking off the usually jam-packed streets. I decided to take my camera out and I started the take photos. I didn’t really know what I was taking photos off at the time as I was naive when it came to photography. Yet my mates, to me, were very photogenic and made it easy to take photos.


My favourite photo I took from this day was this picture above. This my mate Luciano. A confident guy, yet humble. The background of the truck provides a rustic look which works significantly well with the portrait.


This is another one of my favourite pics. This is my best mate Josh or ‘Scales’, him and I started this project. You see, Josh and I started off as two shy kids who had no intention in expressing each other’s personality or opinion.

Photography gave us a reason to express each other, allowed us to show our true selves and show what we were capable of

Medium is the Message II

Digital Production and Network Economy

This weeks lecture focused more on the way media can be created, in particular the use of the Emergent Media Paradigm. 

I made a gif which focused on the minimal or no cost of a meme to create, coming under the Emergent Media Economic Model. A Gif and Meme are at a low risk of failure and has no filter, unlike the Legacy Media Model which is filtered based on cost. Gifs allow for mass participation and interaction from the audience as they are usually based on trendy or topical, news or drama, around the world.

Memes and Gifs have definitely became a centre-point in this generation’s ever-changing media. This medium can be passed from individual to individual thus allowing for contrasting remediations and messages. My gif which is remediated from an avengers scene, permits for universal discussion as it is such a blockbuster film seen all over the world. 

‘Medium is the Message’ – Egg Boy and August

“This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves”

If I was to be honest the topic “The Medium is the Message” didn’t sit well in my head after I had learnt about it. Yet through rewatching videos and reading more information about it, I feel like now I have grasped the meaning of the topic.

People interpret and have different perspectives on media which allows for debate and in this case – social division.

August Landmesser chose to rebel against Hitler and his message through disobeying Hitlers salute at Hamburg.

This meme represents a man who had the power to act against a stronger medium, in this case is the Australian Senator Frazier Anning. Much like ‘Egg Boy’, August Landmesser refused to conform to the dictators ideals yet therefore paid the price and was shot.

My Digital Artefact – JJ.AND.CO

My Digital Artefact – JJ.AND.CO, incorporates photography, videography, blogging and writing. I intend to upload consistently and weekly across multiple platforms including Instagram, Youtube and WordPress. 

I have been running a photography page for the past year and a half and intend to continue. Recently I have had to had a break due to HSC so this DA idea allows me to restart my passion for photography and even begin videography. 

For my DA to stand out, I plan to give my own perspective on topics involving sport, trends and of course photography. Also to differ from other photographers, I plan to use different types of photography, not just sticking to one type. This includes – explorations, landspcape, portrait etc.