Does Australia and Australian Citizens really value their privacy?

Privacy is something that a person should be allowed every day of their life. Yet, does a person really value privacy? In my opinion, with the influx of social media, the notion of privacy is thrown out the window as most people who use apps such as Facebook or Instagram are putting their lives out for their ‘friends’ to see. Why is ‘friends’ in quotation marks? Well, that’s because most people’s friends list span up to 1000 people. And does anybody have 1000 friends? Well no and by saying all of this I AM A HYPOCRITE.

When comparing Australian Privacy Laws to US laws and UK laws, our legislation in regards to privacy and therefore security is weak. Thanks to a report by The Conversation, the ‘weak’ laws regarding privacy are analysed. 

As a user who has been breached of the privacy act you are unable to sue. This means that users are unable to benefit from an intrusion of privacy.  

More evidence to show that privacy laws are weak in Australia are that there are poor policing of consent agreements. This means that when you register for Facebook and have to accept the ‘terms of agreement’, there a lot more little details that are involved. 

In 2018, a statutory was put to debate in the government yet lost, conveying what privacy really means to the government.


6 thoughts on “Algorithmic Control III

  1. Really enjoyed this post James! The tone of your writing is really fun, easy to read and therefore gives your blog a great sense of personality! Awesome remediation, it perfectly illustrated the point put forward in your blog post in a really clever and funny way! Great use of hyperlinking and incorporating a video source, which was excellent to help my understanding of your concept. There’s a minor typo with “stautory” which should be spelt “statutory”, and maybe you could add a link to a source about it to improve? This source has some tips on how to protect your social media and “keep your privacy shades drawn to the appropriate level”. This is a topic that affects us all and I think you explained it excellently. Well done! 

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  2. Hey James,
    I found this blog extremely interesting and I really enjoyed your remediation and its direct relation to this weeks topic! Similarly I am also a hypocrite on this topic as I assume my facebook is just as easy to access and I have over 800 friends as well when in reality I would probably have 10 including family. This did spark my interest however to look into how i can edit my Facebook settings and found this really useful: It was also really interesting how you displayed the little the government really care about our privacy, that alongside the metadata laws where the government have access to everyones metadata really puts things into perspective!!

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  3. Great post! This was a really good read and interesting. I also focused my blog on if Australian’s value their privacy and found statistics where 100 Australians were surveyed if you wanted to have a read I totally agree with your opinion regarding social media and privacy, it was also an opinion I mentioned in my blog post. Your remediation was also a good addition and related to the topic well. Good Job!

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  4. Great blog post! You are right about the ‘1000 friends’ statement. Social media enables the user to believe that followers means ‘friends’. I see some profiles where users have 1000+ followers and I’m convinced they’re not actual friends. And yes, we should always be careful as to what we put on social media. Some of us are too tempted to give too much information and it can pose risks. Great that you linked this topic to the government and how it can strengthen its laws regarding data leakage. You probably might have heard of the before but this links to the topic.

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