My Digital Artefact was JJ.AND.CO. A photography and videography, Instagram and YouTube account, based on exploration and travel. Yet recently, or in the past 3 weeks, I have become inconsistent and therefore have stopped uploading content on both platforms. 

Another reason to why I will stop this DA is based on the lost passion I’ve had for taking photos. Personally, I have found it hard to find different spots that I haven’t been to yet to take different photos. And whenever I take photos I either have not liked it or just feel like it’s the same as everyone else. 

With this said, I am back in the IDEATION stage and have already begun thinking of options for the future of my degree. I have thought of two options for next semester, sports reviews and or a podcast.


Picking sports reviews would be beneficial as I also do a double degree involving Journalism. This would mean I could build a portfolio towards a future in sports writing/blogging. My main idea was to make an Instagram linking to a personal website/blog about football. In particular, the EPL which is the English Premier League. In my opinion it is the best league in the world and as I am already an avid viewer, writing the blogs weekly should be quite easy.

In terms of MAKING content, for the sports reviews I would be eventually posting weekly reviews of certain games. However to start the account I would post reviews of the ‘season-so-far’ of each team. I could also write player reviews for key players during the season so far. Personally, I believe there is massive potential in regards to content for this type of DA.

Inspiration would be drawn from Instagram sites such as Sports-bible and epl_newsupdates. Both Instagram accounts display a similar type of content that I would be posting.


To choose podcasts would mean I would be leaning more towards the media and communication side of my degree. Talking about relevant and societal events/issues whilst still incorporating video editing, as it is still a passion of mine, would be ideal. There would also be potential to fuse in the sports reviewing aspect into the podcast as it may give a more raw and personal view to the subject that I talk about. 

Content creation for podcasts would involve edited and unedited videos. Ideas would be personalised yet also directed by a feedback loop. Content would be distributed on YouTube yet also on Instagram in the form of short clips directing my audience to the YouTube video. As I said above I would love to incorporate a video editing aspect into the podcasts to hopefully add a comedic effect and show off my developed skills from the start of this semester.

Inspiration would be drawn mainly through watching Joe Rogan’s podcasts regularly, as well as the house of highlights podcast on the NBA.

James Muggeridge :))


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