My DA is JJ.AND.CO and is still heavily based on photography and videography. During the 2nd major stage of ‘media making’, prototyping, I have been making sure to adhere to the sub stages – making, breaking and remaking.


Whilst in the making stage, I based my research on the reading by Smart Blogger called The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation. The reading portrayed a set of stages in which deems the ultimate content curation. This involves defining the concept of curation as it involves many steps such as sourcing, repackaging and curating to a specific audience.

Through the research made on ‘making’ as a stage, I really tried to focus on sourcing within my DA. As stated in the DA I used tools such as YouTube videos and an interview with a professional photographer in a way which would source relevant and similar content. In doing this I am aiming to boost my knowledge when it comes to photography and videography.


“Glitch aesthetics have become part of popular culture,”

Rosa Menkman, Dutch Artist

The use of a glitch software such as Photomosh can display the use of ‘glitch aesthetics’ in current day society. Through the research within the article Perfect Imperfection: How Glitch Art Influences Design by Tessa Wegert, I understood that by glitching certain images I could create an interesting introduction to a video.

This was shown in my beta video as I glitched the same image with different colours and in different ways to create an aesthetically pleasing, as well as retro type of introduction.

Furthermore this type of introduction could be easily adapted into my future videos as personally it was pleasing and as well had positive feedback in my twitter comments.

This type of iteration could also help my DA from any ‘breaking’ as it provides something fresh as well as eye-catching to the viewers watching.


“To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new”

Through the video displayed down below, found within the readings, I was able to understand that remixing and remaking has been more common than I first understood.

These days, songs are easily remixed through artists taking a contrasting style to the original. Yet, these days it is also hard to see the difference in remixing and copyright as there are fine laws which segregate the two concepts.

In reference to my DA, when producing the haircut video on Instagram and YouTube, I encountered copyright problems. This was through the audio used (No Halo – Brockhampton). As Brockhampton was owned by Sony they did not allow the use even though it was an instrumental.

No Halo – Brockhampton

Audio Used

To fix the problem I gained help from a fellow 114 student and used a ‘type beat’ which conveyed a similar style and beat.


During the Prototyping stage overall I have mainly worked hard on producing the haircut video which was a significant iteration. Compared to the travel video I uploaded on my trip to Gerringong, the haircut video had to be made with a different style as it involved camera shots which involved movements or action compared to still shots in the Gerringong vid.

From the beginning videography was the major iteration in my DA and within this prototyping stage I have aimed to do something different.

Furthermore, in the most recent photos posted I used my iPhone camera in an attempt to further prototype.

“you need testing and feedback for evaluation”

To allow for feedback I also posted on the story feature to ask whether my audience liked this type of content. The answers significantly favoured yes which told myself that I had to upload more of this content or generally water based.

Overall I am happy with the continuation of my DA. I want to keep it going at a steady pace with no incredible ideations or major prototyping changes.

James Muggeridge :))


Perfect Imperfection: How Glitch Art Influences Design


2 thoughts on “PROTOTYPING – MODULE 2

  1. Your BLOG for JJ.AND.CO. in which titled Prototyping – module 2 is really interesting read. It was interesting in reading upon what your DA is actually about for the BCM114 assignment which comes very similar to my DA also so it was interesting to gain points and ideas of thought that you have noted. I think that your BLOG is really well written in regards to the subject outline for Online Presence 2 and stuck to the criteria well!. I like that you sectioned off each substage of the 2nd half of the major project (making, breaking and remaking). You included pictures and even a video in the BLOG which made it an eye catching and intriguing read as it spaced out the paragraphs well. You showed how you used the readings given to us students really well into your DA and how you shaped them into making your artefact and how you have created your prototype through the tools used.

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  2. As an avid follower of on Instagram I have watched your content be uploaded and received very well with your large and established audience. I remember when you posted your haircut video, after the copyright violations, and I was amazed by the visuals, the music in the background did suit the overall vibe and I was highly amazed by the quality curation of content. With your most recent posts being taken on your iPhone, I believe this will open you up to a much wider audience since people (like myself for example) don’t have a big professional camera laying around. A recommendation that I would love to see from this account as you continue to thrive is simple and quick video tutorials of how you edit your videos. Since you are established on Instagram, it may be beneficial to post these ‘how to edit’ videos on IGTV. As well as this, behind the scenes type videos could be intriguing to your audience and allow them to know you better thus, allowing higher interaction. I STAN JJ AND CO!

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