Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence

Producing content has significantly changed over the last decade. Producers of content has altered from being closed to open. These days you don’t have to be qualified to produce content nor have a reasonably large knowledge of the topic you are producing content about. The Audience can distribute content through ideating and customising, placing their own personalised view on the topic. Content based on a topic can be collectively distributed meaning that it will concur many different ideations. This coincides with network participation as when content is collectively distributed, a large network is involved and can all participate in creating their own personalised content. 

My meme shows the weak or non existent nature of this generations gatekeeper. Dialogic Media allows for collective intelligence and network participation. Content is produced from many to many and is broadcasted directly, emphasising the weak gatekeeper. It is vastly open and allows for a metaphorical flood which destroys a highly populated city, or gatekeeper. 

Here is a link which takes you to a site which provides an in-depth summary on gatekeeping in the media

Gatekeeping Theory


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