Open Sourced vs Closed Sourced Software’s

On the internet, software can either be open or closed. This meaning that the code is publicly available or unavailable to users. This can play a part in what software type is used by the audience. By delving into both sources, you are able to achieve a comparative study between the two software’s. 

Open Source is publicly available to users as it uses a code which is allowed for modification as it is free. An issue for open source software’s is the risk that if it becomes closed, generativity dies. Open Sourced products have more risks which attach itself with the product than the audience thinks. Security is a big issue for not only the audience but the big multi-national companies. This is seen in the Facebook drama which evolves around its security.

Closed Source software is not available to public as the code is not accessible. The software usually keeps to a stable and focus product, while also costing money. A positive includes service and support. This is a closed sourced software’s greatest advantage. Manuals and customer service is available with the software, making the high cost of the product worthwhile. 

A common example of a battle of software sources is the battle between Apple and Android. Both software’s aim to one-up each other through customising their products and adding innovative features.


2 thoughts on “Algorithmic Control II

  1. Hi James! In reading your post for this topic I can see you have a clear understanding of open and closed source software, covering a solid basis of the two. You covered both of these areas well looking at both advantages and disadvantages each may have and further explained your knowledge through examples. I also talked specifically about open and closed source software in my blog post coming across identical information you’ve discussed. I did however come across a really interesting Ted Talk on open source software and “how it can change our lives” which you may find interesting to watch! ( Overall a great read that enhanced my knowledge on this topic! 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed your explanation of CSS’s and OSS’s, I didn’t even think of apple vs android, I compared the two operating Systems Windows and Linux similar to Apple vs Android. Window like Apple doesn’t allow the user to access the code, Linux is then the android of your argument, allowing the users access to all the codes changing the way the code is laid out as much as they wish. (someone coded a Hannah Montana version of Linux)


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