Framing and the Construction of Perception

Framing is used by producers in this generation to provide a different perception to a certain topic or trend. 

Within Framing there its salience and perception. Salience is where something is centralised to persuade viewers into believing their perception. Yet with salience there also needs pieces to complete the puzzle, features which make up the content that you are producing.

You can look at framing as a way of marketing a product.

How will you market your content?

Who is the audience that you are marketing towards?

And what are the features you will include to create your own niche market?

These days a niche can be created by mixing two different forms of content together. An example of this is emo rap. Emo rap is a mix of rap and rock or heavy metal. Artists like Ski Mask and XXX Tentacion use this genre to frame their own personalised content to their audience.

In my remediation I used a clip from the movie Cars and merged it with the song Tokyo Drift (played in the movie – Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift). This creates a new and personalised form of content which can be framed to a certain audience. Framing features that I applied includes the music and the video clip.


3 thoughts on “Internet Paradigm III

  1. Hey James!
    This post was really well written. I loved how you began it by explaining what framing is as it really helps the reader to understand what the rest of the post is about. It’s clear that you have an understanding of what salience is and honestly cleared it up so much for myself. I also liked your use of rhetorical questions as your reader won’t necessarily need to ask those questions but those are the questions that producers of content should be asking … if that makes sense. The examples you used were really relevant and intriguing and it also shows the effort you put into your posts as you made a video for it which worked really well. I really enjoy your blog as a whole as well as it has a personal feel to it yet hits the information that we learn about. Which there is a fine line between too personal and ‘boring’ if you will, but you manage to stay on top of it. Good job!


  2. “You can look at framing as a way of marketing a product.” So very true. Although I’d take it a step further. Framing is used to market a certain product for sure, it requires connecting associative chains in the minds of the public so that they have an emotional reaction to whatever it is you are producing. That connection could also be called manipulation. Imagine if you could maniuplate those associative chains, so that large groups of people think the way you want them to; as Edward Bernays clearly showed with his creation of propaganda and public relations.
    Robert McArdle, CyberCrime researcher, makes a point of this here [ ]. Discussing how the common internet can be used as a form of mind control, though the use of the bandwagon effect on review and public opinion based websites and programs such as Facebook and Amazon; to those who aren’t self-aware enough, such as the older generations.
    Stay tech savy, stay an individual!


  3. Hi James – I really loved your blog post on this topic as it was written in a way that was coherent and straight to the point. Framing is definitely used as a marketing tool – obviously to sell products – but it’s definitely also a tool that if put in a certain individual’s hands can perhaps lead to societal disruption if they are able to use it to their advantage. For example the 2016 election. Need I say more? I also loved your remediation of mixing Cars with Tokyo drift – because your point is correct, that each new frame is personalised to a specific audience. Awesome job!

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