My name is James Muggeridge and for BCM302 this semester I will be starting a fresh project called ‘Mugg Sport’. Mugg Sport is a personal portfolio platform where I will share sports articles trying to raise awareness and promote the positive contributions which athletes are having off the field. My project content is currently displayed on my on personal website and is promoted on my Instagram page. Looking into the future, I definitely see potential to expand to other social media platforms.

In creating this project, I intend to fix my problem of not writing enough stories and being unmotivated to do so. The ability to do this project gives me a reason to produce content which will work to increase my portfolio. My goals for this semester hand in hand work to fix and manage my problems. Long term I would like to increase my following and online presence.

At the early stages of this artefact, I have posted three posts. One post was dedicated to refreshing my followers on the new project which I would be pursuing. The second post was a teaser to provide context into my first article. The third post worked to promote my first article on the page. All in all, I tried to use the FIST principle to provide myself with a clear direction with the future of the project. It as well worked to see if my audience would understand and like the direction which I was taking.

The idea of using the FIST principle in the early stages of my project appeals to Dan Ward’s ‘Simplicity Cycle’ as posting three posts provides a foundation for the future progression of the DA. Receiving valuable feedback proves that the foundation which I laid has proven to seek attention from my audience and is something which I can continue throughout.


The concept behind this project is to shine light towards athletes contributing off the field. My first story looked at one of the most influential footballers in the world. Marcus Rashford received an MBE for his work campaigning for child food poverty during the COVID-19 lockdown period in 2020. This is just an example of the types of stories I will aiming to raise attention towards.


My methodology with this project will consist of posting a story each week. This story post will be attributed with another post providing context behind the story. As well as this I will post other journalistic work such as podcasts or videos in an aim to differentiate my content. I do not have a “niche sport” in which I will keep myself to, however, will aim to cover as many sports as possible to show off my flexibility and promote as many different athletes as possible. This idea may hinder my ability to get a confined audience, yet it is something which I can monitor as I move towards the beta stage of my project.


My project is inspired by Instagram pages such as Bloke in a Bar, Bleacher Report and Scouted Football, I aim to create a page which is both aesthetically pleasing and informative to a sports watching audience. My content will be relevant as I will write stories which are timely and thus up-to-date.

Here are my links if you would like to support my project.




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