Simulation and Hyperreality

Today’s society can be described as fragmented or broken through the reliance we have on technology to live our lives. Even though technology is needed in our lives, it can create a negative stigma. 

“An effective simulation will not merely deceive one into believing in a false entity, but in fact signifies the destruction of an original reality that it has replaced”

Simulation/Simulacrum theorist – Jean Baudrillard

Hyperreality is where a certain environment is made up or simulated to make up for a ‘broken’ world. Virtual Reality is a type of hyperreality which brings upon the allowance for someone to create their own new life, yet not real. Free for personalised customisation and ideation which is not allowed in the real world. 

Due to the evolution of technology, hyperreality and simulation is becoming increasingly difficult to resist. Yet movies such as “Ready Player One’ gives us as an audience belief that simulated worlds can be resisted. 

This link shows, with the increase of new technologies, that we are getting close to the world of Ready Player One, conveyed in the movie


One thought on “Internet Paradigm IV

  1. Hi James, I love your take on this weeks topic of Simulation and Hyper reality! I learnt a lot through your post as you have given a really thorough explanation of media through your visual example which highlight what you are discussing. The quote you added in made your post very effective as well. The way you have discussed your points are well-written, which make all your sentences flow freely. Your remediation was very interesting too and had some very valid points.

    You have provided us with such an informative and engaging article about this weeks topic! Keep up the great work.


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