My DA ‘JJ.AND.CO’ was originally started by my best mate, Josh Scales, and myself, James Muggeridge. We started the Instagram to showcase our love for photography. Last semester I used this DA and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had lost my passion for taking photos during the HSC period and the Digital Artefact assignment reignited my love for creating content in the form of photography.

The concept of JJ.AND.CO is to create content in the form of photography and videography tied together with themes of exploration and travel. Production of content is intended to appeal to the traveller type of person, a person who loves to travel and explore new places.

The production of content will start with two main platforms – Instagram and YouTube.

Last semester, making content for my DA was made easy as I always found time during the week to take photos and create clips for a video. Yet an issue was creating the videos itself as I didn’t have any experience is creating that type of content before. However, I feel like my skills have improved through experimenting and learning the craft, meaning that I will be also producing video-based content.

My goal is to consistently post weekly and increase my following by applying techniques such as the feedback loop and hashtags.



James Muggeridge :))


2 thoughts on “My DA – JJ.AND.CO

  1. It’s so amazing that you were able to come back to that passion in photography after getting a bit lost. It’s so sick that we’re able to just create this assignment over our own passions and interests. I’ve been following along on your Instagram, I really love the way you take diverse pictures, everyone is different in its unique way. please do more videography edits! I really enjoyed the one you posted a couple weeks ago
    cant wait to see whats to come 🙂

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