In this weeks lecture, Ted focuses on the development of a societal paradigm dependant on informational communication technologies. These ICM’s allow for fluent communication between human to human and has revolutionised the way the human race connects.

My GIF explores a civilisation which has become dependant on the use of informational communication technologies to socialise, connect and form relationships. Much like in Fahrenheit 451, a city which is dependant on electronics may have the possibility of a totalitarian society and this must be evaded. The moon acts a symbol of attraction, something that everyone will look upon and this generations ‘moon’ is the phone.

It’s obvious that our network society would diminish if it wasn’t for this generations technological paradigm (Castells, 2004). A phone as an ICM for example has reinvigorated the way a message travels and the speed in which it does. With a technological paradigm starting with telegraphs, the phone has made a gigantic leap.

James M



  1. Hi James, This is simple yet sophisticated way of explaining which is easier for us to understand ICM and how it effects society today. Similar to my blog posts I spoke about civilisation has been dependent on technology to create relationships and communicate without physically using our bodies. I also included as well as you, about phones being a main ICM in society which it has made a gigantic leap!

    Awesome Gif too, keep it up 🙂

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  2. Hey James,

    What a great remediation! It’s a very clear demonstration of how we all have become dependent on technology to socialise. I believe that a GIF fits in perfectly with the current situation that we are living in today, due to current global pandemics people can’t be together but they need to have a technology device to be in contact with each other. This is literally an example of how many countries are right now, technology has become more important than basic needs. As you mentioned, “The phone has made a gigantic leap” and I’m sure something else is coming. I was also focused on the impact of technology on society and I created a mind map with the trends and the rise of the network society during the pandemic. Hope you have a great semester!

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  3. Hey James, I enjoyed your blog post from this week and I liked the way you discussed ICM’s and their changing role in society, this is something I didn’t really touch on in my own blog. It’s interesting you reference Fahrenheit 451 and make the similarities between fiction and reality. I love your comparison of the moon to the phone as a symbol of attraction and I think this could go even further with the way we idolise and also, couldn’t live without either. In my own blog, I talked about how I’m fascinated with how different writers and philosophers were having these ideas about ICM’s and the network society before they even became a reality in real life.

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  4. Hey James,

    I loved reading your blog and your GIF is great! Explaining it really helped me look into this topic further. I loved how you made reference to the moon and the phone acting as the moon as what this generation looks upon. I think its extremely well thought out and creative. I wrote my blog surrounding the Telegraph and where it all started. I found this website quite interesting and gives you an idea of how much has changed, . Thankyou for sharing!

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  5. Interesting point James all of this software and applications running different hardware making us more and more dependent upon these services. When i read this and i read the article i remembered a movie that came out with Johnny Depp about one system controlling the world and everything finally they had to unplug from the rest of the world and completely cut off from the world. The main question i always ask people is it our own psychological needs to be on the phone or use these apps all the time? We always do have a choice to leave the phone off for the night or take some time out for ourselves. When you had the time this is a good movie to watch.


  6. Hi James, I enjoyed the double meaning of expressing your idea about technology role in human connection through a gif that is widely used to communicate via message. During the pandemic you come to see how reliant a lot of relationships are on technology, my mum is constantly updating her snap story…yikes I know but I always know what she is up to and vise versa. Thank you for the post!


  7. Hello James, a great remediation!!! It really shows how small the world has truly become. Speaking of your remediation, it really connects with your point on the connection between socialising, relationships and connecting with others.


  8. Hi James, your representation of the societal paradigm is immaculate. You really simplify a more complex concept of how technology connects us as a whole. It really shows the materialistic to technological connection examined in this idea. Great Job!


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