My Digital Artefact is JJ.AND.CO.

JJ.AND.CO is a photography and videography-based artefact which aims to appeal to a traveller-based audience through the travel-based content I produce as well as the hashtags I use.

My content is located mainly on Instagram with both photography and videography distributed, and YouTube with only videography distributed.

Since my pitch I have aimed to maintain consistent production of content with heavily photography-based content fused together with two videos made as well.

I have aimed to iterate my content through production of videos since my pitch. I have worked hard on increasing the production through tools such as YouTube videos showing ways in which I can improve my editing skills on videos as well as my photography skills.

My videos have gained a lot of attraction with 418 views on Instagram, however a small amount on YouTube meaning I may have to force my audience to watch my videos on YouTube rather than Instagram to aim to increase my audience number.

Since the pitch I have furthermore gained information and expertise from a professional photographer – Jakob De Zwart. I was luckily allowed to interview him in an act to gain knowledge regarding camera skills and how to improve my account overall. Overall, the interview allowed me to realise what I must improve to build my DA into a successful account.

Down below I have decided to include the questions which I asked

Overall I am pretty happy with the progression I’ve made with my DA as it is relatively old in comparison to other new DA’s. In terms of iteration I haven’t done too much other than with videos and switching content types for photography. This is because I do not want to over do change and thought since I was doing a travel based DA I should relatively stick to that niche.

James Muggeridge


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