Zoe looking at a mural showing the change in landscape located at The Rocks

“For some people it is a daily occurrence that they receive racism, for some it happens so often that they forget what it looks like”.

In Australia, there are many inequalities which Indigenous peoples have to face day by day. Of course, issues have been adjusted positively to a certain extent, yet a complete equality has not been meet.

Zoë Brown is a proud and outspoken Aboriginal woman from three Aboriginal tribes – Dunghutti, Gomeroi and Wiradjuri. She comes from a rich Aboriginal heritage, however somewhat in which she doesn’t know. This is because of the colonisation of traditional Aboriginal land in 1770. 

The impact of colonisation is the main root which stems the many inequalities which surround Australia in current society. Racism in particular has had a major effect on Zoë on a personal note. Her family has been challenged with the ordeal of racism on a regular basis.

“My grandfather is in the situation as whenever we hang out, we always get the dirtiest looks and people always act rude towards him…”

“…he said it doesn’t bother him… I wish it wasn’t like this, but this is the reason why people like to keep hidden“.

Zoë’s boyfriend, Josh Scales, is linked to an inequality surrounding Aboriginal identity called ‘proof of Aboriginality’. Josh has a mixed background in which his Mum’s side is Asian and his Dad’s side is Aboriginal.

Josh in comparison to Zoë is much more secretive and restraint when talking about his thoughts towards the subject. For him, there is a reason to his quiet state towards the matter.

“Whenever an individual speaks out about their culture they are normally criticised by a group of non Indigenous people who believe differently”.

He continues to talk about Zoë and her “hardworking” quality which makes her such a inspiration to other Indigenous people.

“Zoë is a very passionate and mature young women, she is hardworking, extremely caring and very driven towards anything Indigenous”.

With maturity, Zoë has become more open to talking about the issue of inequality in Australia, yet she has not always been outspoken. It was until older as to when Zoë realised that she would teach and debate through using her platform.

“I plan to be a role model for Indigenous youth through inspiring them to be successful and inspiring them to be the best they can be no matter what life throws at them”.

In the face of adversity, Zoë has the confidence and passion in her culture to create change and limit inequalities towards Aboriginals.


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