During the ideating stage of my Digital Artefact – JJ.AND.CO, I made sure to incorporate the concepts ‘thinking’, ‘observing’ and ‘defining’ to benefit the overall plan for my DA as well as the content I have been producing. During this period of ideation, I have not created as much content as I will be in the future. This is because I have been learning and observing in an attempt to optimise this ideation period.

My Digital Artefact involves the creating of photography and videography-based content which is distributed across two platforms – Instagram and YouTube.

Whilst in the ‘thinking’ stage of my Digital Artefact, I have considered the ‘Simplicity Cycle’ to benefit from last semester’s progress and therefore fix any issues or add any utilities.

“As you learn and develop, new elements are introduced, and complexity increases.”

-Dan Ward

Last semester, the Simplicity slope was in action as I was producing content in the form of photos only with one video. Dan Ward’s, ‘Simplicity Cycle’, conveys a plan which content creators should choose to follow and portray a foundation for the content in the future. Through the thinking stage, I have applied the Complexity slope in an aim to increase and better my skills with videography. Increased production of videos on both Instagram and YouTube will show that my DA is becoming more complex as more content types are being produced.

As I am continuing my Digital Artefact from last semester in BCM112, I have aimed to maximise this stage of ideation to take time and observe other content around me, whether it’s from my peers or of the people who I look up to. This can include fellow university peers doing the same type of DA or Instagram and YouTube photographers or videographers.

“Taking the time and energy to source content from around the web is a great way to show that you have your thumb on the pulse of your industry.”

-Adam Wagner

Sourcing content from Instagram photographers such as Rory Kramer and Josh Packer coincided with videographers on YouTube such as Mango street and Robert Hill, will encourage myself to make for videos as I am increasing my skill and ability through learning.

Here is one video which I have learnt from and observed in an attempt to similarly use the same in camera transitions in the future.

Defining my Digital Artefact comes down to my own personalisation of the content I am creating and producing.

“personalisation requires an ongoing conversation between the creator and consumer, artist and fan, producer and user.”

-Kevin Kelly

I aim to create an ongoing conversation between myself and my audience through the feedback loop. During my last DA I incorporated the feedback loop heavily and will continue to do so during the prototyping stage.

This means that I want to aim to personalise my content to the traveller type of audience. Shooting at places around the NSW area, for example for my last posts I have been to a graffiti tunnel in Wollongong and Gerringong. These are two places which I would recommend exploring.

Overall, I have used the ideation period as a planning period. Observing what issues need to be fixed and what additions I will have to make. Planning and mapping out the future content creation of my DA helps myself to visualise my ideas and the direction I want to take.

James Muggeridge :))


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My DA ‘JJ.AND.CO’ was originally started by my best mate, Josh Scales, and myself, James Muggeridge. We started the Instagram to showcase our love for photography. Last semester I used this DA and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had lost my passion for taking photos during the HSC period and the Digital Artefact assignment reignited my love for creating content in the form of photography.

The concept of JJ.AND.CO is to create content in the form of photography and videography tied together with themes of exploration and travel. Production of content is intended to appeal to the traveller type of person, a person who loves to travel and explore new places.

The production of content will start with two main platforms – Instagram and YouTube.

Last semester, making content for my DA was made easy as I always found time during the week to take photos and create clips for a video. Yet an issue was creating the videos itself as I didn’t have any experience is creating that type of content before. However, I feel like my skills have improved through experimenting and learning the craft, meaning that I will be also producing video-based content.

My goal is to consistently post weekly and increase my following by applying techniques such as the feedback loop and hashtags.



James Muggeridge :))