For this weeks blog post we look at the chronic task of sorting, in particular I will shed some light on ‘Liquid Life’ and the fragility of owning a job in this generation.

“Today we are in the middle of a new media revolution – the shift of all
culture to computer-mediated forms of production, distribution, and communication.” (Manovich, 2001).

In a way media can act as as a peacemaker to a liquid life in which we live in. Media can make us understand how the world is changing and make sense of everyday life. It’s what makes the world tick in a way and my GIF displays this notion. It also shows both risk and debt as being present in the world but media can still act as a way to forget and push aside such anxiety.

I’m sure it’s daunting for most BCM students knowing that they are studying for a degree which could possibly lead to unemployment or a long period of searching and sorting for the perfect job. Personally, I do feel worried about building a portfolio in a “portfolio workplace” with the uncertain nature of finding a job (Deuze, 2006). Yet this BCM206 subject can help manage and increase the awareness of my content to future employers.

James M


4 thoughts on “LIQUID LIFE

  1. You’re so right! It’s daunting to think about finding and actually getting your dream job after uni. I agree with you that owning a job in this climate can be very fragile especially for those who rely on freelance work. One of the main points I took from this week was the concept of the ‘always-on’ employee, which I talked about in my post ( We’re are constantly bombarded by media and information and most employers demand 110% from their employees at all times. But I think it’s unrealistic to expect people to never switch off from work. What do you think?
    Also if you’re interested in how constant connectivity effects employees you might like this article 🙂


  2. Hey James, I Loved your blog this week about Liquid life! The inclusion of how media can help us understand how our world is changing and how it can help us make sense of our everyday life really stuck out to me! Well done!


  3. its interesting how you’ve identified the media as a peacemaker in a liquid life and helps us make sense of the world, i hadn’t thought about it that way 🙂 in regards to your concern for unemployment, i also wrote a post about liquid life and our human necessity for information flows, and in drawing upon your remediation and the way you refer to media as what makes our world ‘tick’ i dont think we’ve got much to worry about haha. great post 🙂


  4. Hello James, a great post as per usual. Liquid life surely is an interesting topic, media has a way of telling us that the world is constantly changing and that we have to adapt with it. I really like your remediation as it is a great representation of the topic.


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