My Niche was picked based on my career aspirations of being a sports journalist. In particular I would love to write about the EPL (English Premier League). After learning the basics of the study of ethnography, it would only develop and increase my understanding of the English sport and my writing skills.


After help from Mohammad in my tutorial, problematising my niche, the EPL, was made easy. When you truly home in on the EPL there are many different factors which could be considered for problematisation.

I’ve decided to look at the comparison between the EPL and the Australian League, The A-League. EPL obviously is a much stronger league due to the high profile talent included, yet what are the other factors which has lead to this?

Since 1906, England have been playing against other international teams (Gibbons, 2014). Competitions such as the World Cup, the Euros and the Champions League allow England and domestic teams to play across borders. As the A-League is a fairly new league in comparison to the EPL (starting in 2004) the league has not been able to play as many international games, yet in recent times have competed in the Asian Cup and the Asian version of the Champions League.

So due to the EPL being such an experienced league, does the A-League have the potential to compete with them in the long-term? To answer this question I don’t think so due to the culture which is ingrained into English Football, but there are aspects of the EPL’s culture which could be adopted.


My audience in this ethnographic investigation includes:

  • Myself and future employers
  • Avid watchers of the EPL
  • Avid watchers of the A-League
  • Non-football watchers to see their take of what both competitions mean to them and Australia

I have already found a few different readings on fan culture in sport and in particular in England which will help with research. There are also many documentaries on the EPL and different fan cultures of different teams

Now that the EPL is in it’s off season it would be perfect timing to start watching back EPL games and comparing them to A-League games just to create a basic platform for my research. Also watching videos from Australian Players such as Aaron Mooy and Mathew Ryan on their experiences in the EPL compared to the A-League.

My research will be completed auto-ethnographically where I will be able to complete my research in my own personalised way (Wall, 2006). I like this method as it allows to draw on experiences of myself and my talent included in the investigation. Throughout my life I have always had an eye on the EPL and feel like I have a pretty good knowledge of the sport. This will help prove my research and personalise the investigation.


My Schedule started in WK1 where I found my niche. WK2 was where background research begun and this allowed myself to further research EPL and it’s external factors such as fan culture. I will give time for my pitch to make sure I give it enough time and it’s done to my best ability.

Studying content will focus in on my readings and experiences of fans from both the EPL and the A-League in a hope to truly investigate my Niche. WK10 is when I will begin my DA and report about my niche.

In doing this schedule I will hope to remain organised and truly focus on this idea of a ‘media niche. I am excited in doing this ethnographic investigation and can’t wait to learn more about this sport and competition that I love.

James M


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