In a world with the ever-changing state of technology and the way in which entertainment content is viewed, additions to streaming sites such as Netflix, Stan and Binge, has changed the way in which we watch content. The niche market has overtaken the mainstream market and such streaming platforms allow for a flexible and a wide variety of choice.

The long tail effect is an economic model which allows the modern day gift of unlimited selection of a more niche market . The effect has single handedly popularised streaming platforms and run stores such as Blockbuster and Video-Ezy out of business.

“Everyone’s taste departs from the mainstream somewhere, and the more we explore alternatives, the more we’re drawn to them.”

In the 21st century, people like to be different, listen different and watch different. Listening different can be truly discovering your ‘type’ of music (EDM, rap, alternative etc). Watching different portrayed on Netflix can be choosing a specific genre which fits in with your ideal niche.


2 thoughts on “THE LONG TAIL EFFECT

  1. Hi James, loved reading your blog post for this week. I found this topic really interesting myself. Like you suggested in your blog, streaming services is the one extensive example of how the long tail effect has interacted into our lives and produced niche marekts (great point by the way). My question to you is, now that you/we have a deeper understanding of this, do you think its ultimately a good or bad thing? I am on the fence with this debate as in a sense it creates a pathway of content that we already have an interest in. However on the other hand it is also driving for us to consume more. Would love to hear your thoughts


  2. Hi James,
    Your blog post this week was super interesting, concluding how important the niche market is and the effects it has on the mainstream market. A niche market gives a lot of attention, and that is similar to what i discussed on my blog, which you can read here I love your remediation, I also did a meme! It was cool to read about streaming services, as i talked about social media platforms. Do you know the statistics of how many users prefer streaming sites? Keep up the good work, hope you have a good rest of the semester.


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