The development of the internet has come with innovations which have altered the way we learn and search. The use of QR codes has heightened the everyday human’s ability to search and learn within a matter of seconds.

Originally the QR code was invented to enable the tracking of car parts in a factory where cars are assembled. The QR code all started with a Japanese car manufacturing company, Denso Wave, which now in present day has become a “necessary ingredient in the future of augmented reality and pandemic control.”

This invention of the ‘QR code’ comes under the ‘tale of the thing project’ where the data shadow (the tale of the thing) is accessed and a GPS is inscribed into this code (the tale) allowing for simple tracking with ease.

The innovation of the QR code is just one of the inventions which has stemmed from an evolving ‘internet of things’. This is where certain ‘thing’ are attached with a code or data which makes the ‘thing’ unique and only traceable through the specific attachment.


2 thoughts on “Internet of Things: A QR Code

  1. Hey James this was really interesting! I agree that QR codes are “kind of a big deal”, as with the current pandemic, businesses have increasingly been introducing QR codes as a way o for people to check-in and check out. For instance, I went to a restaurant Monday night where instead of handing out printed menus, each table has a QR code to scan and we could see the menus on our screens. This minimises the contamination from one person to another. Honestly, I think even after the pandemic this process will be kept in place. Here’s an article on how QR codes have helped throughout Covid 19 and it’s effects on business’. The use of QR codes in this way has allowed many more business’ to reopen.,to%20online%20personal%20information%20forms
    This was a good outlook from this weeks lecture!

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  2. Hey James, good blog post! It’s incredible how embedded QR codes have become in everyday lives. Basically every venue I go to outside of my home I have to scan a QR code that re directs me to a website for COVID-19 safety and management. It’s crazy that there is little to no effort at all, us humans only have to open our cameras and the technology does the rest. In my blog post I focused in on the homeware devices such as Alexa, and home-security systems. The emergence of these types of technology were non-existent 15 years ago…. it will be interesting to see what will happen in another 15 years of tech development. You can check out my blog post here:

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