My name is James Muggeridge and for BCM241 I will be looking and comparing the social media use of the EPL (English premier league) and the A-League (Australian Football league). In doing this I will aim to find aspects of each leagues’ social media platform which helps them gain an advantage or disadvantage over the other.

So far, I have enjoyed the content highlighted in the subject and the concept of ethnography is something which I feel is so important within the practice of being a media worker. While saying this I think it would be good to highlight that as my career aspiration is to be a journalist, I think this DA looking at media Ehnographies will only benefit my learnings.  

In my pitch I was clearly to vague and didn’t exactly understand the idea of choosing a ‘niche’, however, homing in on social media as a part of the media landscape of both the EPL and the A-League will hopefully define my DA.


I hope to cover the main platforms, Instagram and YouTube, through looking at how each league has transgressed over time and how they distribute their content to targeted audiences. Their are definitive techniques and methods which are applied to appeal to their own audience and this is something I would like to home in on. As football is heavily social and communal, it is so significant that teams and leagues must get their social media platforms on point.

My next episode will focus on how EPL manages their social media platforms. Instagram in particular is such a worldwide form of content which can be accessed by all ages and cultures for fans to digest. They boast different types of media to entice fans (photo, video, games etc). The platforms love to reflect on the history of the league and how prestigious it truly is. Doing this can truly appeal to all ages as the photo and game based content appeals to younger audiences whilst reflecting on the history of the game appeals to the older and more experienced audiences. I will also go into detail about my own experiences with the EPL and how social media entices me into viewing their content and even recently writing about it.

On the other hand, whilst ethnographically analysing the A-League I will look to discover what techniques could be taken from from the EPL which would build their profile, competing with other surrounding leagues. Football in Australia is not really ‘football’ yet it’s called soccer. This is because it shares it’s name with the AFL (Australian football league) and the Rugby (League and Union). Currently A-League is at the bottom of this football hierarchy as it has the lowest popularity record compared to the other two. This needs to change as Australian football has a rich history in the world of football. Whether it was Harry Kewell who played for Liverpool in the champions league or Tim Cahill, a worldwide icon for his incredible skill to head the ball. Their social media performance can evoke change and invite foreign viewers to believe in the game. Because at the moment the A-League is on a downward spiral and is it even close to being on the EPL’s level.

Podcasting on YouTube is a form of content which has sky rocketed. Whether it is a comedy podcast, a news podcast or a sports podcast, podcasting is a great way to distribute opinion on a world which is constantly changing and developing.


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