My media niche and digital artefact for this semester is based on the comparison between the English premier league, the EPL, and the Australian football league, the A-League.

This idea in particular will better my understanding of both sports, however, adding an ethnographic perception will increase my knowledge on aspects which I must take into account as I aspire to become a sports journalist.

To carry out my investigation I will aim to observe my field and use interviewing/surveying to acquire data and trends to collect my findings. By recently creating a sports journalism based instagram account, I can now use the platform to reach an audience relative to both leagues. When doing this I will adhere to ethical implications, maintaining a fair research investigation.

Examples of my interview and survey questions include:

Why do you believe EPL is a greater and more significant league than the A-League?

What can the A-League do to be more like the EPL?

Are there any social media aspects which EPL use that could have a greater affect on their audience?

Are there any marketing strategies in particular that EPL use which you are drawn to?

What does it mean for you to be a ‘fan’ of your chosen EPL/ and or A-League team

My research will continue on this blog as well as my instagram page Ransack Sport.


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