This date really resonates with me.

The 26/12/17 wasn’t just a normal Boxing Day for me. This date was the beginning of my true passion for photography. Sure I had been taking photos before this date, but this date felt important, significant, meaningful.

My mates and I were in the city for the Boxing Day sales. We had been shopping all the morning until we reached midday. We decided to eat our lunch (maccas) on the trucks which acted as a barricade, blocking off the usually jam-packed streets. I decided to take my camera out and I started the take photos. I didn’t really know what I was taking photos off at the time as I was naive when it came to photography. Yet my mates, to me, were very photogenic and made it easy to take photos.


My favourite photo I took from this day was this picture above. This my mate Luciano. A confident guy, yet humble. The background of the truck provides a rustic look which works significantly well with the portrait.


This is another one of my favourite pics. This is my best mate Josh or ‘Scales’, him and I started this project. You see, Josh and I started off as two shy kids who had no intention in expressing each other’s personality or opinion.

Photography gave us a reason to express each other, allowed us to show our true selves and show what we were capable of


One thought on “THE DAY IT ALL STARTED – 26/12/17

  1. Pretty awesome that you can use photography as a means of expression. I find that’s pretty common with people who make artworks (and photography is art of course) to use it as a form of self expression, particularly when we might find it hard or confronting to express ourselves in actions and words, a picture really does say a thousand words. I’ve got a mate for example who does graffiti, and one day a few years ago I asked why he does it, and he said something very similar to what you’ve written here about being able to express yourself and discover what you are capable of.

    I think that especially as a man, when some of use find it difficult to talk about how we’re feeling, being able to make some sort of artwork can really help people get where your head’s at, and can help us to reflect on ourselves too.


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