Ransack Sport is a DA which I started stemming from Ransack Media. Ransack Media is run by a group of inspiring journalists writing on topics such as entertainment, politics and sport. I branched out from Ransack Media, while posting my better articles on the main site, to create a niche account which appealed to a sports-based targeted audience. Ransack Media distributes content on Facebook and Twitter whilst Ransack Sport only distributes off Instagram. The goals for this new account were to build my following by posting sports articles.  

Through prior knowledge of BCM degrees I begun to prototype what types of content I would start to post. I decided to start with a post on the EPL as it had just finished, and I had a post which was written up already. This started things off smoothly as next I decided to post an NBA article showing that the account was not just for football but for multiple sports. I continue through the ideation stage posting content weekly with a methodological process.  

To try and gain a following I tried different techniques involving all Ransack accounts. I applied hashtags to gain a following from elsewhere. For a while iterated by posting weekly content. I chose not to focus on a particular sport to broaden my spectrum of newswriting. I distributed the best posts on the Facebook and the twitter accounts which would try to bring any new followers. These posts were shared on my own account and from the other members in the groups’ accounts. 

The social utility of my content was that it was relevant to start. The EPL season had just started and the NRL season was nearing to an end. This was perfect as I could write both match reviews and previews for each sport as the seasons were in full effect. The idea behind the account was to make it visually aesthetic as there aren’t many ‘aesthetic’ accounts out there which post on all sports. Making the account visually aesthetic conceptually would have drawn in the attention of other followers (Kane, 2019).

I do believe I can continue this DA after this semester as it is something I genuinely love doing. During this semester it has become a hobby, however, as this semester is ending, I have had trouble keeping up with weekly posting with other assignments to do. Something I have also lacked is motivation. I have said that I would do things that I just haven’t got around to doing which has limited the potential of this DA this semester.  

Overall a learning curve for myself as I have discovered that increasing engagement and following is hard to do without a proper planning stage. This is just the beginning of a DA which I will look to continue into the future creating a portfolio for myself.

James M

Instagram – @ransacksport 

Facebook – Ransackmedia 

Twitter – Ransackmedia 


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