James Muggeridge

‘MORI BOYS’ – Frank Tremain


Frank’s digital artefact is an Australian hip-hop merchandise brand called ‘Mori Boys’. ‘Mori Boys’ was created to solve the problem that that there is a disparity between Australian hip-hop artists and merchandise. In starting ‘Mori Boys’, Frank aims to become a catalyst of sorts to start a new era of hip-hop branding through unique merchandise, thus promoting hip hop to not only Australia but the world. Australian hip-hop artists benefit from this project as they are provided with an alternate avenue of income.  

Growth and Iteration 

Through participating in consistent consultation since the ideation stage, it’s clear to see the progress that ‘Mori Boys’ has made throughout the semester. In the methodology section of his digital artefact pitch, Frank states that he wants to have his first clothing line ready to distribute by the end of the semester. In his recent Digital Artefact Beta, he mentions that the first clotting drop will be scheduled for the end of October, proving that Frank has kept a clear and concise trajectory since the ideation phase.  

Another key aspect of Frank’s project beta video was incorporating a feedback loop with his audience. Frank has incorporated feedback from his audience through his posts on Instagram. The comments feature was utilised in a post asking which colour was preferred by his target audience. This invites viewers to interact and creates more noise around the merchandise drop.  

Frank’s personally made progress through showcasing his black and purple logo tees on his Instagram account. He has put a rough date on the merch drop and has posted teasers on his Instagram promoting his clothing line. However, through creating a merchandise project, Frank decided to add more features to keep his target audience entertained. Keeping with the hip-hop genre, Frank has created a ‘Mori Boys Music’ feature which showcases local Australian hip-hop talent. Through creating a playlist with new songs from Australian artists, Frank has shown that there is potential to incorporate music journalism within this project.


Mori Boys has created a successful hip-hop persona around the platform which invites Australian hip-hop fans. Yet I do believe there is potential to grow through producing more content for his target market. At the start of the pitch, Frank said he would like to produce 1-3 posts each week. Due to COVID-19 maintaining this has been a struggle, and definitely a struggle for many content creators. However, post which show behind the scenes aspects or how the merch is created, would entice viewers and create more noise around the drop.



Leo’s project focuses on the sport of rugby league in America, shining light on an underdeveloped market in America that has the potential to grow. With a belief that NRL and NFL share similarities within their gameplay, Leo has decided to create reels and posts which highlight the link between the two sports. The reels include popular moments in rugby league which showcase the individual talents of certain players. These reels have been successful and have drawn the attention of a rugby league player from Cleveland, Ohio, who then asked Leo to create a package to distribute to NRL teams. Leo then was offered an internship from Cleveland Rugby League successfully proving that his project concept and idea was achievable.  

Growth and Iteration

Leo has created nine posts on his Instagram page adhering to a consistent iteration of content. Posting clips to both his Instagram page and his Tik-Tok account, Leo has tested his method of distributing popular NRL clips throughout the semester, using hashtags and key words to further promote his content. Using hashtags such as #nrl, #nrlfinals and #nrlhighlights, promotes his content to an NRL watching audience, creating a target market for his project. His latest post has received a tremendous response from his viewers receiving 1537 views.  


With the NRL season now over, Leo may have to source content from other areas. By building on his platform with his new client from the Cleveland Rugby League side, Leo can work with him to produce more content showing off his skill through video editing or tutorial-like videos.

Leo can even go back in time and revisit highlights from the old-school era of rugby league. Delve into how the game has changed, what laws have been implemented throughout time and continuing to compare the sport of rugby league to the American NFL.

I know through studying with Leo for a few years now that he is keen on sports journalism. This platform is a great pathway into creating and distributing journalistic content while still maintaining his current NRL to NFL narrative. Personally, Ive found no harm in reaching out to players and asking them for interviews. Sometimes it has payed out and other times it hasn’t, however, interviewing American rugby league players or Australian rugby league players would be a great way to boost his platform while showing his flexibility.


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