My narrative interview was with Digital Producer and Sports Journalist, Adrain McMurray. Adrian has been a mentor of mine since the start of my university experience assisting me with sample interviews and giving me some important teachings and advice. Adrian allowed me to interview him for this narrative interviewing giving me the necessary answers and information for the presentation.


In preparing for my interview with Adrian I completed extensive background research on his work history and his career. After creating a basis for my interview I then drafted questions which I believed would allow me to obtain the necessary information for my presentation. The interview questions were ordered in a way in which he could tell a story from the start of his career (high school and internships) through to the current (digital producer at the Australian). The core to the assignment was to see how professionals in my chosen degree shaped and formed their professional values. To find out Adrian’s values and how he shaped his values, I decided to base all my key questions on the idea of professional and social values.

I also wanted to see if there were any disruptions in his working career which have shaped the way he operated within his working sphere. The key moment which Adrian pointed out was his press conference with NRL coach, Wayne Bennet. In this press conference, Adrian was an intern juggling work with his university studies when he fell asleep. An embarrassing moment that created disruption however was put to the side by focusing on his professional values.


Unfortunately leading up to the presentation I became sick and I lost my voice. This became a personal disruption as I was planning to record my audio on the day in which I became sick. Apart from this disruption, the production and delivery of the presentation were fine.

I aimed to keep a consistent aesthetic throughout the presentation with a blue and white background. Creating the presentation on Canva made it easy to incorporate both the audio and the visuals together. Selecting the audio clips from the interview was made easy as I decided to list the times of the important segments to avoid the hassle of looking back through my audio file.

Overall completing this presentation taught me a lot about the future of my work career. It also taught me what type of values I should hold myself to when starting my next internship and what I should expect in the media landscape.


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