My DA involves the investigation of technology in sports and whether the continuing innovations of such technologies will detract from the overall beauty of certain sports into the short term future.

My project will consist of:

  • 4 blogs
  • 4 podcasts
  • 1 final video compiling all research and points raised

I have only posted one blog and podcast on an overview of sports technology so far. This would aim to provide a good basis to start my project. I am currently in the works of writing an issues based blog which would look at everything that’s wrong with sports technology and what it could mean for the future.

Something which I didn’t have time to talk about in my Digital Artefact beta was my user feedback. I only posted my first blog on twitter but I intend to share my following blogs and podcasts over a select few other social media platforms. I received plenty of helpful comments on my pitch video which will be applied in my future work for the project.



9 thoughts on “DA BETA

  1. Hey James!

    I absolutely loved your opening to your beta video and how you stated what your going to focus on, the concept of your digital artefact is so interesting, I remember commenting on your pitch and stating how I enjoyed the fact that you are incorporating your own interesting within your digital artefact. It is a great idea that you are focusing on both primary and secondary research within your digital artefact as it gives you a deeper meaning behind each post that you will be creating for your final project. The one thing that I found interesting is that you state that you are behind in your schedule, not many other people have done this within their own beta videos. I feel as though you have connected your digital artefact to our lecture recordings and our weekly readings perfectly! I thought I would help and find you an article which demonstrates technology within sports and its advancements, if you ever needed some extra research;,time%20measurements%20of%20sport%20performance

    Enjoy 🙂


  2. I feel like one of the best things about reviewing other student’s projects is seeing how future thinking can be applied to literally any area of interest, and your focus on technology in sport is a good example. The range of media you plan to produce is inspiring and something I want to do for any of my future projects. The audience and social utility of the project is well specified and accurate – I like how you included one of your inspirations for the project with the removal of hawk eye and linked it to your overall career goals in sports journalism.

    Great idea to respond to the feedback from your pitch and refine your idea using them. It makes your project more directed and clear, and focusing on some of your topic’s niches is a good plan, even though it feels a bit counterintuitive to think that a narrower focus might reach a greater audience. You might have an audience out there that are huge football fans but not so much cricket, so choosing even one sport helps you do your research as well as provide a clear utility for your audience.

    This paper by Winand (‘More decision-aid technology in sport? An analysis of football supporters’ perceptions on goal-line technology’ looks like a great resource for your topic. Another angle you might want to consider (if you haven’t already) is how technology can be utilised in sports not only for in-game use, but sports analysis and training. This paper ‘Application of data mining technology and wireless network sensing technology in sports training index analysis’ by Qian and Liu uses technology and machine learning to analyse a bunch of data from different sports training indicators to see whether it’s suitable (

    Feedback of the DA something I struggle with as well, since it can be hard just putting your stuff out there and hoping people vibe with it. Advice for both of us is just to do it, I guess! It’s a good idea to share your blogs on your podcasts as well, since you’re going the extra mile by making a variety of media content and you should use it to your advantage by promoting your other content on it. Good luck!

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  3. Hi james, love the concept
    One of your aims is to investigate how technology impacts on the “beauty” of sport, which to me means how technology affects the presentation and rawness of capturing live sporting events, which is something I find really interesting, particularly with broadcasted events that incorporate advertising and live statistics. You outlined your targeted audiences as sport or technology fans which is great, and gave an update of your current progress in your DA schedule and admitted weakness you encountered which I also appreciated and would work well for your DA reflection.

    It is my own opinion that moving the focus away from general sporting research to a focused three sports would actually make research harder. After watching your podcast i’m pleased you have gone back to your original goal. In your statement below you mentioned your feedback loop consisting of comments received from twitter, WordPress a couple other sites, maybe commenters can help improve your work by contributing sources for you to look at much the same as the feedback given to your beta and pitch videos. You did saw why technology is important in sports and how this project will help you in a future career but It would be nice to outline your social utility in terms of why this specific project is important to your target audience.
    Its also great that you mentioned that you’re focusing on George Orwell and Wendell Bell’s philosophy on future studies, particularly in surveillance, this shows you have engaged with the lecture content.

    I have two sources for you to look at:
    The first one has to do with virtual advertising, I found this really interesting myself, Unbenounced to many, ads are now mostly painted on sporting pitches digitally during live play, not done by

    My second one is a more general academic paper investigating technology with sport. It discusses heart rate monitors, score keeping equipment, advancements of onboard technology in motorsport and more. Some of which you’ve discussed in your podcast, and some that could be made into future podcasts.

    I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your da!


  4. Hey James!

    I love how you incorporated your interests within your digital artefact and have continued to write about sports as you have done in the past. The idea of being able to focus on technology in sports is very interesting, I, have thought about the impacts of technology in sports especially in rugby league when I video referee gets the call completely wrong. It is a great idea that you are focusing on both primary and secondary research within your digital artefact as it gives you a deeper meaning behind each post that you will be creating for your final project. I feel as though you have connected your digital artefact to our lecture recordings and our weekly readings perfectly!

    I have quickly looked up a website in which explains a new technology that the NRL is looking to introduce a new technology to detect forward passes I hope this helps

    Your digital artefact sounds so interesting, and I can’t wait to see more! Well done!


  5. Dear James,
    Firstly, amazing job with your beta! I believe that your DA shows promise and that you will achieve the goals you’ve set out. I think that you have highlighted your concept, process and goals in a way that is easily understood by readers. I think that the subject matter provides material for an interesting conversation amongst your audience and that there will be varying opinions. Furthermore, I think that the only thing you need to ensure is that you relate your subject matter to future cultures a bit more! Also, to use some helpful references that users might want to further read up on. Other than this, amazing work and good luck!
    Madeline Williams


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