My first BETA video I will looking at is Lia Kim’s fashion and lifestyle project. From my knowledge, Kim’s initial idea was to post weekly vlogs and base her videos on the culture of journalling and surveillance.

Adopting a project on fashion links significantly well with the future media subject and the screenings watched so far.

Lia sourced inspiration from the ‘Ghost in a Shell’ screening where she liked the aesthetic of clothing worn by characters. Not only did she source inspiration from films such as ‘Ghost in a Shell’, however, this made her have another look at previous films and identify whether there were any other fashion option she could talk about. I thought this was a great way of providing a future studies correlation to her fashion based vlogs. I could also identify that Lia had used her public utility well. Using twitter as a feedback loop allows her to gain insight from her audience and even peers from the subject.

I proposed two articles on the future of fashion and in specifics, the future of sustainable fashion. This concept is the first thing that came to mind when I thought of the future of fashion and something which is so important with the current environmental climate. The first article was an article written by Amanda Cotler and published by Forbes. It incorporates a summary of sustainable fashion with a future of fashion and what people can do to make sure sustainable fashion is something which is present in the future. Along with this article I added an education scholar article by Thomas Radclyffe called “Designing a sustainable future through fashion education”. This article adds another form of background research and gives evidence to how important fashion education is in providing a sustainable future.

In concluding Lia’s project, I want to emphasise her outstanding knowledge of fashion and the future media study. Her project seems to be well thought out with a clear plan in place and clear view of the future of her project.


The idea behind Jordan’s project was to develop a 3D a robot/machine to carry out medical procedures. The project would look fifty years into the future which works well with the screenings so far as they too predict the long term future.

I admired Jordan’s idea for this project as it works towards benefiting the future of medical health care. Seeking workers for health care has been on the decrease, therefore, it is vital that we look at what the future will mean for health care and whether developing robots to operate medical procedures is the next step.

My advice for Jordan would be to read up on lecture readings and clearly plan out his project plan. There are plenty of recourses which Jordan can use from the cyborg lecture as well as the cyberspace lecture. Planning out his project will help with the development of his robot.

To help Jordan I linked an article which I found to be insightful into developing robots for medical care. At the beginning it emphasises how useful these robots will be once coded and developed in a way which will benefit caring for injury, sickness etc.

Furthermore, I located an article linked in week nine’s lecture notes by Clyne and Kline called ‘Cyborgs and Space’. I though this article would be insightful towards future media studies. As well it linked with Jordan’s topic of developing robots and developing them for a whole new environment.

I enjoyed reading Jordan’s blog and watching his DA Beta. I learnt a lot about robots and he presents an interesting project which I haven’t seen from anyone else.


Similarly to Kim, Grace is adopting a fashion project where she will look at how large fashion companies and institutions are poor for the environment and thus the future.

Grace is using YouTube as her platform to distribute three short videos. The first will be a summary. Much like Grace, I also made my first blog/episode a summary. This allows her audience to read up on her concept, topic and idea going further with her project. The second episode will be all about SHIEN.

‘SHIEN’ is known for having a threatening and damaging impact on the world. Grace will look at why the brand is one of the worst fashion brands to date. In researching SHIEN and trying to understand what the current issues were with SHIEN, I came across article which provided an extensive research into why SHIEN is problematic and what needs to be done. This is something which I though that Grace could utilise for more background research.

The next article I sourced for Grace’s benefit was an article on how we as fashion consumers can keep fashion environmentally sustainable. It emphasises the importance of keeping fashion environmentally sustainable especially with the current climate as the world is suffering from the continuing issues such as pollution.

The last episode in Grace’s project will focus on fast fashion’s production. In particular she will look at the next 10 years of fast fashion and how it may develop and change.

Overall I like how Grace narrowed her focus down to a niche as well as the background research which she has done shows that she has a well thought out plan for this project.


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